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Eight ways to raise your vibration

Posted on 27 January, 2017 at 0:30 Comments comments (5)

Regularly when working with clients, I find myself explaining that in order to achieve what they desire they need to "shift and raise their vibration". Whilst many understand the concept they don't necessarily understand what steps they can take to achieve this.


In my personal experience what you have or attract in life is directly related to your energy. As well as your level of empowerment and how you feel about yourself. If you want to attract or manifest certain things, people or situations it is important that you are resonating at the right vibration.


What is our "vibration"?


Dr. Richard Gerber, who wrote Vibration Medicine, supports the notion that we are more than our physical body and that we also have energetic information systems; such as the subtle bodies that Eastern philosophies often refer to. He also states "energy is very strongly influenced by consciousness".


Thus our vibration is the frequency and energy at which our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies are oscillating at. Each aspect having its own separate frequency which contributes to the whole and it is this integration vibration that communicate with others around us.


When you contemplate ways to raise your vibration it is important to consider them from these aspects; physical, mental, emotional and energetically!


Methods to raise your vibration


External world / internal world


Your external world is a reflection of what is happening within yourself, thus it acts as a prompt to what you are placing your attention and focus on. If you don't like what is happening around you, consider what you need to address within or give to yourself. For example if you are attracting negative situations, consider how you are being negative. Once you can acknowledge this, you can change it and you no longer need to attract such situations for you to learn from.


Consider your thoughts and words


As Buddha said "what you think you become", thus the thoughts you have create how you feel. It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling, however also consider what you have or are thinking about as this is most likely the reason you are feeling less than great.

Remember just because you think something, doesn't mean it is true, so consider other and alternative possibilities. Life is made up of dualities so things, people, situations are not all good nor are they all bad they are a balance of both, when we see both aspects we have peace and empowerment ~ higher vibrational energy.

Also consider the words that you are using and find alternatives. For example "should" is a guilt creating word, so instead of using "should" use "could" - it is a choice creating word. Rather than things being bad, state they are less than good. Words, as does thoughts, have their own vibrational energy so if you want to lift your vibration then using those of a positive resonance helps.


Feed your mind


What material (books, magazines, online) are you reading? Also what TV shows or movies are you watching? Did you realise that the material you feed your mind with is also unconscious programming you? Make a choice to nourish your mind with information that is strengthening and encouraging, that whilst feeding your mind is also nurtures your soul.


Practice Gratitude


To practice gratitude is to find something to be thankful for in every situation, even those situations which seem less than positive. When you develop an attitude of gratefulness then you become more present which can help you realise that everything that happens is moving you towards something bigger and better. Yet too gratitude is an emotion of higher forces and thus lifts your vibration so you attract more of the same (so more situations to be grateful for).




When you meditate you enable your mind and body to realign with its truer state; a state of calmness, peace, happiness and joy. You are also able to connect with your higher self, that part of you which holds wisdom and insight as well as guidance. Thus meditation is a tool in which you can access and connect with the higher vibrational energy within and around you.


Use Essences


There are many different essences in the marketplace however the one which we recommend and use is Resonate Essences. These essences are made with high vibrational ingredients yet too they have been created with the purest of energetic vibrations including love. Working on a spiral flow dynamic these essences dissolve and transmute the negative vibrations create a space for the positive vibrations to permeate and infuse.


Get moving


Movement creates energy, so when we move in a way which makes us happy or gives us joy we create positive energy faster. So engage in an activity that gets you moving and that resonates with you; go walking, go to the gym, dance, jump on the trampoline; it doesn't matter how you move, just move!

When you move you breathe more and thus increase the oxygen in your body - oxygen is life giving, life forming energy, so when you breathe you are giving this to yourself.


Higher vibration foods / fluids


Eat foods that are "live", which are unprocessed foods that are beneficial to you. As the adage states "you are what you eat" thus food directly impacts your physical body. Either you are fuelling it or defusing it.

This also applies to the fluids you drink and in order to thrive your body needs at least two litres per day (more depending on circumstances). So are you are you drinking enough water? is your body adequately absorbing it? are you drinking too much caffeine, alcohol or sugar based drinks?

When your physical body thrives so too does your vibrational bodies.


In his book "The Power of Intention" Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote: "What you may fail to see inside is a result of how you choose to process everything and everyone in your world. You project onto the world what you see inside, and you fail to project into the world what you fail to see inside. If you knew that you were an expression of the universal spirit of intention, that’s what you’d see. You’d raise your energy level beyond any possibility of encumbrances to your connection to the power of intention. It is only discord acting within your own feelings that will ever deprive you of every good thing that life holds for you! If you understand this simple observation, you’ll curb interferences to intention.”

The Inner Sage Dedicated Blog Page

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In order to bring you articles which have a professional look and feel, particularly when they are shared with others, The Inner Sage has now created a dedicated blog page:

We hope you find our blogs informative, inspiring and of guidance.  If there is a topic which you would like to see covered, please contact us and we'll endeavour (where in our expertise) to create on for you.

Please feel free to visit our new blog site and share information that you feel is relevant to others.

Warm regards


Kinesiology Demystified

Posted on 18 March, 2016 at 11:15 Comments comments (0)


Kinesiology is an energy based healing modality with strong roots in both Eastern philosophies, such as Chinese meridian system, as well as the Western study of Anatomy and Physiology.


The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move. Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.


Kinesiology was created for the lay person by John Thie D.C. who evolved his method from the teachings of Applied Kinesiology, a system which was made available to Chiropractors and those of the medical fraternity.


Generally peoples knowledge of Kinesiology is limited to the muscle testing technique, which kinesiologists use in order to glean information from the body.


Muscles are able to move due to working with various other body systems, notable the nervous system. Our conscious mind transmits a command to our central nervous system which converts it into electrical impulses. The electrical impulses are then transported through the somatic part of our peripheral nervous system to the nerves responsible for controlling the necessary muscles.


Muscle TestingWhere a client process information and is beneficial for the body the muscle remains strong, however where the information causes a stress the muscle goes weak, identifying energy blockages.


Kinesiology is much more than muscle testing. A kinesiologist has a tool bag of varying techniques refered to as corrections, which are used to bring the body back into alignment and balance, thus addressing the energy blockages identified. Such corrections are a mix of tried and proven energy based techniques.


Kinesiologists do not diagnose, treat or prescribe however what they do is work with the client to achieve a goal set for the session. With the aim to balance clients in terms of the triad of health, which is chemically /nutritionally, mentally/emotionally as well as physically/structurally.


A Kinesiology balance is an individual experience as each session is tailored for what that individual needs (which can vary from each session). Kinesiology has been known to improve well-being, bringing a calmer and relaxed state of being, as well as improving self-esteem and confidence.


Kinesiology can also assist with:



  • Enhancing performance
  • Releasing potential
  • Increase brain function, learning and comprehension
  • Refining and boosting creative flow
  • Support regarding major change/s
  • Overcoming fears and past traumas
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Improve behavioural problems
  • Aiding with recovery from Injury
  • Easing pain issues (incl headaches & migraines)
  • Weight goals
  • Helping sleep routines & being well rested
  • Assisting with digestion issues
  • Reduce or eliminate Auto Immune Mismatches


Balance of life

Posted on 16 March, 2016 at 3:20 Comments comments (0)

Life in its entirety is about balance, living in equilibrium between the opposites and extremes. It is about the dualities that make up such equilibrium and need to find and maintain the balance between them.


Consider the dualities that surround us, good/bad, black/white, happy/sad, moon/sun, male/female and so on.


In the instance we do not keep the balance then life will find it’s way to ensure we are forced to. How often has you heard or seen someone who has lived at an extreme, perhaps a workaholic, only to be brought back into balance by a force not under their control, such as retrenchment or illness?


Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, when we are imbalanced it is natural law that we will experience the opposite reaction in order for balance to be restored.


The familiar Taoist symbol of the yin/yang demonstrates this perfectly. The yin/yang symbol is a symbol of dualities, dualities that create the whole. It reminds us that every aspect of life has an equal opposite. Such as male, female; sun, moon; earth, water; good, bad and positive, negative. One aspect cannot exist without it’s reverse.


So often in our Western society we have been taught only to view life via one aspect, the good/positive or what was once known as the “Pollyanna outlook”. Consider most of the early personal development books, they were chiefly about maintaining optimism and that being negative was a “wrong” thing to do. Yet this in itself creates a pressure and imbalance that can only be reinstated via the equal and opposite reaction…..negativity.


Yet even if we take this symbol and chose to only look at one section, let’s say the white which representative of heaven, light, positive, bliss, masculine, penetrating etc you will notice that there is a reminder that the opposite still exists as in the small dark circle. This too if you take the other section the black, representative of dark, negative, passive, female and absorbing – the light still exists denoted via the small white circle.


Put simply what this means is that whether you are in a positive or negative experience the opposite energy still exists. For example if I am feeling really, really amazing I could easily trigger another’s inadequate feelings, yet too if I am feeling low it might be the catalyst for me nurturing myself. Actually quite a lot of talented people have created their best works when in a low phase, Spike Milligan is a prime example.


It is interesting that in math when we have a positive and a negative (or equal amounts of each) that they negate each other and are brought back into a neutral position. Doc Childre, CEO and Founder of HeartMath LLC explains this position of neutral quite eloquently:


“Neutral is a state where you are not jumping ahead too quickly or moving too slow. Neutral does not mean being inactive, complacent or passive. It’s about a calm poise that allows for new information and new possibilities to emerge before taking further action. When in neutral you actually increase your sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. Neutral is fertile ground for possibilities to grow from”




Therefore if we wish to live life in a state where we have peace, happiness, unconditional love, balance and neutrality then we simply need to ensure we are in equilibrium and do not have attachment to either the positive or negative. Uncertainty and disorder occur when one is outweighed by the other.


Dead Sea Salts vs Epsom Salts

Posted on 13 March, 2016 at 19:35 Comments comments (0)


Dead sea salts are a mineral salt harvested only from the Dead Sea, which is located between Jordan and Israel. The Dead Sea is in fact a saline lake located 400m below sea level and its waters have a salt content of 33% compared with usual sea water which has a salt content of 3%.

For thousands of years the Dead Sea has been known for its therapeutic qualities. Its water has a rich mineral composition that contains high concentrations of magnesium, phosphates, calcium chloride, zinc, iodine and bromides, which is the same mineral composition of amniotic fluid.

Epsom Salts were originally discovered in the English town of Epsom, however their source can vary. Epsom Salts are a naturally occurring mineral compound that contains high levels of magnesium, sulfur as well as oxygen and water.



Both Dead Sea salts and Epsom salts have therapeutic benefits.

Dead Sea Salts, when heated in water, create negative ions which connect with our positively charged bodies to promote healing, creating balance, relaxation and feeling renewed. Other benefits include:


  • Relieves sore joints and muscles, as well as a muscle relaxant
  • Skin Conditions ~ Eczema, Psoriasis, acne, dry skin
  • also softens and recharges skin
  • Encourages natural body cell repair
  • Calms nervous system
  • Relieves Rheumatic conditions
  • Relieves allergic reactions
  • Speeds up healing and recovery
  • Cleanses and charges our physical, mental and energetic bodies
  • Grounds and centres
  • Uplifts you to transcend your current vibration and be in alignment with source energy



Epsom salts is a natural product with a multitude of health benefits as well as household uses. Health benefits include:


  • Increases magnesium levels, thus helping with:
    - sleep
    - concentration
    - proper muscle and nerve function
    - increases energy and stamina (by encouraging the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)



  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Ease muscle tension and cramping
  • Aids with relaxation and being able to sleep
  • Relieves arthritis symptoms
  • Is a Natural laxative
  • Draws toxins out of the physical and spiritual bodies
  • Grounds and centres
  • Raises our energetic vibration




Always follow safety precautions when soaking in a Dead Sea salt or Epsom salt bath. Use caution when getting into or out of the tub and avoid water that is too hot.

Always use caution, as skin sensitivity, rashers, allergic reactions and respiratory distress may occur in some individuals, in particular avoid using Epsom salts if you are sensitive so Sulfur. If unsure please seek the advice of your physician.






Signs a departed love one is around

Posted on 29 January, 2016 at 23:20 Comments comments (0)
As a psychic medium I have the gift of speaking with and seeing loved ones who are physically no longer with us.  From an early age I was 
giften with the presence of spirit, speaking with my uncle who had passed as a baby, knowing he was in the cupboard.  It wasn't untiil years later
my mother told me of his passing and that he had been kept in the cupboard until it was time to  bury him.
Whilst psychic mediums fine tune their gift and some more naturally gifted than others, we all possess the ability to know when spirit is visiting, 
we just simply need to heightened our awareness and trust in what we see or hear.   It also helps to know the common ways our loved ones will 
contact us and let their presence be known.

Our loved ones will come to us particularly in times when we are in need or have a strong desire to see them again.  They come to remind us 
that we are still loved and supported by them and to comfort us in our times of need.  Spirit  likes  to let us know that they see and hear 
everything, and will find ways to let us know they are happy or unhappy with our choices.  Most importantly they look over us, now able to 
maneoever and protect us in a way they couldn't on the physical plane.  

1.  They affect electrical products

Due to higher vibration of spirits energy field they tend to interfere with function of electrical products.  Items which were working perfectly may start going haywire, switching on and off, jumping or freezing.  Light bulbs may start flickering and for no apparent reason blow, even after you've replaced it.
Often during a reading / healing for a client my CD player will start to play up, despite working perfectly prior to their arrival.  It will skip tracks, 
freeze and then start playing again before deciding to jump within a track.  Once I acknowledge the loved ones presence it usually stops.

2.  They enter our dreams

A client of mine's mother started coming to her in her dreams, and in the dream her mother would tell her she was alive. Distraught at what her mother was trying to tell her, I reminded her that she had been asking her mother to show herself to her....and her mother was, via the dream state.
Due to the emotional intensity that can occur when a loved one comes closer into our energy field, it can be easier for them and the person they 
visiting if they come in during the sleeping hours.  Thus entering our dreams to give their messages, they can stand over and observe us or sit 
next to us and give their messages and guidance. 

3.  They use aromas 
Our sense of smell is the first sense to develop and due to how smells are processed in the brain create strong associations and memories, 
therefore one whiff can tap into a bank of memories.   Also most people have a particular smell, whether it be perfume or aftershave, cigarettes, 
cleaning products, flowers or body odour.
My grandfather and uncle often let me know they are around using the smell of cigarettes. Both British Navy men, keen smokers and pranksters
they know I dislike the smell of cigarettes however it is their distinctive way of heightening my awareness and letting me know they are near.

4. They move objects

Have you ever searched for an object, knowing for certain you had put it in a specific spot only to find it's not there.  Then looked all around that 
place several times to no avail, then to find the object in a random place or even in the place you were looking?  It is just your loved ones way
of getting your attention.
They will also use other objects such as photos or pictures to get your attention, by making them fall over or fall off a wall.  If you have not been
listening or acknowledging their presence they may use these tactics to become more aware.

5.  They use signs, coincidences or synchronicity

Spirit likes to place things, situations or people in our path that were significant to them or are significant to us.  They will use their energy to manevour and make things happen, things which may seem coincidential.  Such as a song on the radio or you keep noticing their favourite flowers or you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, such as a butterfly.  

Spirit often lets me know they are around and support me by placing $0.05 pieces in my pathway.  I have even tested Spirit by asking them to place $0.05 in bizzare places, which at times they have indulged me and done as such.

6.  You see flickers of light

When loved ones pass over they transcend their physical form to become a light being, vibrating and moving at the same frequency as light and
sound.  Thus you may see a glipse of light, a flicker, something you might easily pass off as your eyes playing games on you, yet it is  your loved one moving so quickly you see their vibration rather than their earth form.

These methods of communication are incredibly common and may occur anywhere and at anytime, the key is being present and lifting your awareness, yet above all trusting.

The Greatness that Lies Within

Posted on 27 January, 2016 at 0:05 Comments comments (0)

At his 1994 Inauguration speech Nelson Mandela made reference to a passage from Marianne Williamson's book "A Return to Love: Reflections on the principles of A Course in Miracles";


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?


You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.


 And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give 
other people permission to do the same. 
As we are liberated from our own fear, 
our presence automatically liberates others.




These words, read with reflection, resonate at a deep level hopefully stirring your soul and giving you the prompt to let your light shine. I believe that we are all born with a gift, a talent which we are fated with and that lies within waiting to be unearthed.


For some that gift has been readily shown and they have been able to tap into and to foster it, thereby allowing their light to shine. For others their life's path has meant that they have had other "lessons" and growth that needed to occur first, before they had the confidence and courage to dispel the darkness which kept their gift hidden.


At times these people have let glimpses of their greatness be revealed only to "shrink" and hide behind mediocrity because it makes others feel better about themselves and therefore kept them safe from being cut down.


Recently I met an amazing and inspirational person. He was at the top of his chosen sport, representing Australia on several occasions. He is married to an inspirational woman who too represented Australia. His family is a top priority, he loves his wife, he is kind, gracious and supportive.


At no fault of his, as I elevated him I began to undervalue my own life journey and in doing so minimised myself, what I had achieved to date and what I was yet to create as well as what I was capable of. (Noting one of my favourite quotes is "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Eleanor Roosevelt)


As I made myself and my achievements inferior to his own, I began to rock my confidence and doubt my upcoming plans. I felt that I had nothing to offer anyone, so why even try. Yes even the best of coaches have moments of opportunity for growth!


However when the student is ready, the teacher appears and whilst researching I was reminded that my journey is mine, it is not better nor worse that someone else's it is just different.....and different is good.


In fact as I got to know this person better, I realised that I had achieved just as much as him just in different areas of life. That we both were successful, simply in different ways and different circles of influence.


He has been my teacher and I am most grateful to him as it has reminded me that no one should be put on a pedestal and more so the importance of living authentically and in alignment with my own greatness.

Purpose and Passion

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My daughter and I were driving, when due to a previous conversation, I asked her what she thought was more important, a beautiful soul or a beautiful face. She thought for a moment and, only as a six year old sage can, she said "what is most important is that you know what you are passionate about".


I smiled and proudly confirmed that she was right, that a person knowing what they are passionate about indeed is very important and our conversation continued about the things she is passionate about.


In the book of Matthew (6:21) he states "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". For me the meaning of this passage translates to mean that when we give our time and energy to the topics, people and tasks which uplift our soul then we will find &/or receive plentiful rewards of many kinds such as love,happiness, friendship & perhaps even monetary reward.


What we are passionate about is also closely connected to what our purpose is. Purpose being what we give our time and efforts to, which leave a legacy (big or small) for those who are close to us or perhaps those in our wider circle of influence.


Passion derives from the Latin word "Patior" which means to allow/permit, to endure &/or to suffer. Essentially there are no bounds to what we will do for what or who we are passionate about. Whilst there may be set backs or our paths may deviate to focus on more pressing topics, our passion is what we are brought back to time and time again.


We are exactly where we need to be on this lifetime's pathway. Which means for some their passion and therefore purpose was revealed early and easily, for others we have either been in denial or become absorbed in others passion / purpose (which can be our purpose as long as we have mindfully noted this to be so).


Having recently re-launched my business, something didn't feel "right" and it soon became apparent that the main focus of the business was not what "sang to my soul". So I began my journey of discovery as to what I was really passionate about.


Thankfully, due to being so open as to what may be, my purpose came to me quite quickly and when I told my closest friend her reaction was "I could have told you that". She has known me for close to 30 years and since our meeting it has always been the same thing that has held my interest and that is matters of a spiritual nature.


So why was I compelled to take a journey to discover something that was so obvious to others (& me also), because it was the fear of what that possible meant. Yet as with most fears these were unfounded and now I have embraced what I love, so what I love will now embrace me!


There are easy steps to discover what you are passionate about and therefore what you can make your purpose, such as:



  • What type of books do you have on your bookshelf, what is the common theme?
  • Where do you spend your money without question or guilt?
  • How do you spend your spare time?
  • What do you love to do (even if you haven't done it for some time)?
  • What will you cancel or re-schedule plans for?
  • What do you research on the internet?
  • What newsletters have you signed up for?
  • Who interests you? & what do they do? & what is it about them that interests you?



Many make the mistake that we must make our vocation from what we are passionate about, and whilst that is correct for some, for others it is that they must simply feed their passion by spending time immersing themselves with it i.e. by reading books, by attending courses, by actually do it.

Whether our passion / purpose is our vocation or not, by immerse ourselves in our passion we feed our soul, the inner essence of our being. We acknowledge who we are, which builds our self respect, our self confidence and we give ourselves the most important love of all - self love.

Not only do the benefits have a profound affect on our personal development, they also overflow to other life sectors, such as relationships, spiritual, emotional, family, etc. We create a life which is blessedly fulfilled with many, many treasures obtained.


Coming out of the closet

Posted on 27 January, 2016 at 0:00 Comments comments (0)

Recently I came out of the not in that "closet" was that I am a psychic. A fact that I held close to my heart and one which only a few very close friends and my family knew about me.


In fact a good friend said to me "So your a psychic, how did I miss that?". She missed it because it was a part of me that I kept hidden in fear of judgement and retribution of what others might say about me.


This fear of rejection was so strong that it caused me to disown a part of my own soul and keep hidden a subject which I am deeply passionate about. How crazy is that?


In order not to be rejected or judged I remained in a corporate role so when people asked "what do you do?" I could be accepted by telling them I was an operations manager rather than judged if I told them I was a psychic.


Though, only as the Universe can, situations and people were manoeuvred to undermine my crazy notion where I found myself being judged, criticised and rejected in my "socially acceptable" management role.


This led me to a journey of discovery where I found myself and reclaimed my disowned parts, embracing who I am as well as being open about it.


Soon after I came out (as a psychic), I was walking at Coogee beach and realised how authentically blissful I felt. Why? because now I was living in alignment with my true self, my whole self. I made a choice no longer to give power to the fear of what other people would think.


Finally, I live my life without shackles, I am free to be me. I am happy to say I am a psychic who works with authenticity & integrity and I accept this as the gift that God/Universe intended for me.


I know that no matter what I do in life, there are people who will want to bring me down, who will want to judge me and who will not understand me. In knowing this I can therefore chose not to own it.


A recent posting by Carolyn Myss read:


"Fate is how your life unfolds when you let fear determine your choices. A path of destiny reveals itself to you however when you confront your fear and make conscious choices"


I understand why people stay inside their closet and keep aspects of themselves close to their heart.....and I believe it is a brave person who makes the choice to live openly and authentically.

Good Vibrations

Posted on 27 January, 2016 at 0:00 Comments comments (0)

It is funny how I can start writing about one thing only to end up writing about another, though that IS how in-spirit-ation works!

This post commenced by composing a blog about what it means to live our beliefs, to walk our talk, only to find what I was kept coming back to was about the vibration of our energy and what it attracts.

All matter is made up of energy, vibrating at different levels of frequency thereby determining the density and formation of that energy, including the human form.

It has been well documented that we are energy beings. From a Western & scientific perspective we only need to look at the cellular actions within our physical body to see that energy is constantly being created and used.

People often speak of their vitality in degrees of energy, whether they have high or low energy on a particular day. A more common example is how people admire children and their boundless levels of energy, wishing they had the same.

Eastern philosophies also teach that we also have energy fields, called auras or spiritual bodies, that surround and interact with our physical form. A simplistic overview of the purpose of the auras is that it contains our life force energy as well as absorb the energies of what we expose ourselves to thereby affecting our physical body as well as our energy levels.

Together our physical and spiritual bodies create our vibration which we can directly influence our own thoughts, words and actions. Yet too as everything that surround us is made up of energy it too has a vibration, which when we expose ourselves to will have an affect on our vibration.

Such things include: 

  • people;
  • situations;
  • food;
  • beverages;
  • substances;
  • music & TV shows

 When our vibration has a higher frequency we are more positive, happier, energetic and have a better sense of physical well being. The opposite happens when we vibrate at a lower frequency.

All energy it is in constant motion and therefore is constantly being nourished., so no matter what frequency we are vibrating at we can affect and change it.

Whilst we generally can from within at what level we are vibrating at, our external world is also a great indicator as it is often a reflection of our inner world.

When our vibration is low we will attract negative people, situations and events. We are likely to eat and drink substances that keep us in that frequency (high processed, high sugar foods, alcohol, sweet drinks).

When we have and work to maintain a high vibration we attract like minded people who help keep us there. We find that those "friendship" that properly didn't have our best intentions in mind will either cool off or end.

We may find that we change our workplace, or events happen to make us change our workplace.

We find ourselves drawn to &/or our body craves foods and substances that are whole and "live".

Our higher vibration / energy will want to be fed with positive matter, so we may no longer watch as much TV, instead reading inspiration books. We listen to music with meaning that uplifts us.

The first step to any change is awareness, then commitment. Yet too to give the change you want a chance of becoming a habit, create pain to whatever you are "giving" up and pleasure to what you are replacing it with.


Be the change you want & good luck!