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Signs a departed love one is around

Posted on 29 January, 2016 at 23:20
As a psychic medium I have the gift of speaking with and seeing loved ones who are physically no longer with us.  From an early age I was 
giften with the presence of spirit, speaking with my uncle who had passed as a baby, knowing he was in the cupboard.  It wasn't untiil years later
my mother told me of his passing and that he had been kept in the cupboard until it was time to  bury him.
Whilst psychic mediums fine tune their gift and some more naturally gifted than others, we all possess the ability to know when spirit is visiting, 
we just simply need to heightened our awareness and trust in what we see or hear.   It also helps to know the common ways our loved ones will 
contact us and let their presence be known.

Our loved ones will come to us particularly in times when we are in need or have a strong desire to see them again.  They come to remind us 
that we are still loved and supported by them and to comfort us in our times of need.  Spirit  likes  to let us know that they see and hear 
everything, and will find ways to let us know they are happy or unhappy with our choices.  Most importantly they look over us, now able to 
maneoever and protect us in a way they couldn't on the physical plane.  

1.  They affect electrical products

Due to higher vibration of spirits energy field they tend to interfere with function of electrical products.  Items which were working perfectly may start going haywire, switching on and off, jumping or freezing.  Light bulbs may start flickering and for no apparent reason blow, even after you've replaced it.
Often during a reading / healing for a client my CD player will start to play up, despite working perfectly prior to their arrival.  It will skip tracks, 
freeze and then start playing again before deciding to jump within a track.  Once I acknowledge the loved ones presence it usually stops.

2.  They enter our dreams

A client of mine's mother started coming to her in her dreams, and in the dream her mother would tell her she was alive. Distraught at what her mother was trying to tell her, I reminded her that she had been asking her mother to show herself to her....and her mother was, via the dream state.
Due to the emotional intensity that can occur when a loved one comes closer into our energy field, it can be easier for them and the person they 
visiting if they come in during the sleeping hours.  Thus entering our dreams to give their messages, they can stand over and observe us or sit 
next to us and give their messages and guidance. 

3.  They use aromas 
Our sense of smell is the first sense to develop and due to how smells are processed in the brain create strong associations and memories, 
therefore one whiff can tap into a bank of memories.   Also most people have a particular smell, whether it be perfume or aftershave, cigarettes, 
cleaning products, flowers or body odour.
My grandfather and uncle often let me know they are around using the smell of cigarettes. Both British Navy men, keen smokers and pranksters
they know I dislike the smell of cigarettes however it is their distinctive way of heightening my awareness and letting me know they are near.

4. They move objects

Have you ever searched for an object, knowing for certain you had put it in a specific spot only to find it's not there.  Then looked all around that 
place several times to no avail, then to find the object in a random place or even in the place you were looking?  It is just your loved ones way
of getting your attention.
They will also use other objects such as photos or pictures to get your attention, by making them fall over or fall off a wall.  If you have not been
listening or acknowledging their presence they may use these tactics to become more aware.

5.  They use signs, coincidences or synchronicity

Spirit likes to place things, situations or people in our path that were significant to them or are significant to us.  They will use their energy to manevour and make things happen, things which may seem coincidential.  Such as a song on the radio or you keep noticing their favourite flowers or you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, such as a butterfly.  

Spirit often lets me know they are around and support me by placing $0.05 pieces in my pathway.  I have even tested Spirit by asking them to place $0.05 in bizzare places, which at times they have indulged me and done as such.

6.  You see flickers of light

When loved ones pass over they transcend their physical form to become a light being, vibrating and moving at the same frequency as light and
sound.  Thus you may see a glipse of light, a flicker, something you might easily pass off as your eyes playing games on you, yet it is  your loved one moving so quickly you see their vibration rather than their earth form.

These methods of communication are incredibly common and may occur anywhere and at anytime, the key is being present and lifting your awareness, yet above all trusting.

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