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Using kinesiology to be the"Self" Relationship Alchemist ~ 

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Services ~ Psychic Readings and Reiki / Energy Healing


Each of the services we offer are aimed at helping an individual to access their own innate healing and wisdom.  We want our clients to remove the blocks impeding their success.  As the lighthouse shines light on challenges and adversity, so do we yet also offering support and guidance, thus supporting our clients to find a way forward.  Each of our services work slightly differently to achieve this.  

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings enable you to receive information and guidance via the heightened intuitive abilities of the psychic / medium.

A psychic's natural senses of sight, sound, hearing, touch and instinct are heightened allowing them to be naturally attuned to energies that are around them or their clients.

Connecting with our spirit guides, as well as yours,  they are able to give you insights that can assist you on your path.  Insights which aim to give you some clarity to empower you as to which approach is right for you.  

Noting you have free will as to what guidance you do or do not follow.

Some psychics also have medium-ship abilities which enables them to also connect with loves one who have passed over.  To give you reassurance of their continued being, albeit in the Spirit realm, as well as bringing you insights and messages of love and guidance.

Lisa is an authentic psychic medium who is experienced and has spent many years tuning her gifts.  She works with the intention of giving you clear and accurate information that helps guide you in your choices.

Using such skills as:

  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience
  • Psychic Mediumship
  • Psychometry
  • Tarot Cards (if needed or requested)

At The Inner Sage Australia our psychic readings are about empowering you, allowing you to gain clarification or direction so you can make sound decisions.  Our philosophy is that, as you have free will, you only take on the messages and information that sits right with you.

What is largely unknown by many is that a psychic reading can trigger an unconscious sabotage pattern.  This means that whilst an outcome is "seen" via the psychic if a pattern is triggered you may block what is to come in for you.

We believe in the Law of Attraction.  That there is a Universal energy which is designed to support us to achieve what we desire.  When we let the Universe know what this is and align our energy, thoughts, words and actions to what we desire then we can bring it into our experience.

So no matter what is designed for you, or no matter what you want, if you are not aligned to it then you will sabotage, block or undermine yourself from experiencing it.

It has been my experience that the majority of people who come to me for a psychic reading actually need Kinesiology.  It is just that they are not aware of what kinesiology is to ask for it, thus they come for a reading instead.

So whilst we offer a typical psychic session which will have information to help you overcome such blocks we also ask you to consider kinesiology as an alternative or as a follow up.

What does a session involve?

A session is quite individualistic and is slightly different for each person.  Our Psychic Medium tunes into, via connection with their spirit guide, to your energetic field and spirit loved ones to deliver what messages are needed for you at the time of the reading.

Noting we will only do so with your permission.  The success of the session is not only dependant on our ability yet also your willingness to be open and allow us to access information for you.

Once we have finished channelling information for you, you will have the opportunity to ask any any questions that you have or for more information regarding what information you have been received.  Please be aware at times (not often) information may not be able to be obtained for the questions you seek.  

Your psychic reading will last 45 minutes, however we ask for you to put an hour away in case we run slightly over time.  We conduct face to face sessions at Randwick. 

 We can accommodate skype sessions for local, interstate and international clients.  Noting for these type of sessions payment is required up front.

Whilst we are known for the accuracy of our readings please be aware that you can impact and change the course of the reading.  This is due to your free will and choices as well as self alchemy (thought equals manifestation).

Whenever a timeline is mentioned in a reading, it is just a general guideline. Changing your thoughts and actions can change the timeline.  Out of respect for the legitimacy of my readings, where you are sincerely unhappy with the information given in your session, I will refund your payment minus a service fee.

All psychic readings and services are meant to empower you to make your own best choices. You have full responsibility for what choices you ultimately make.  When you engage my services it is as a guide or facilitator of information.

Reiki Healing and balancing

Reiki/energy healing  is an ancient hands on healing technique that enhances and harmonises our innate  healing and recovery process.


It is a healing system that subtly rejuvenates and align our bioenergy reinstating energy, balance, harmony and  stability.  Thus assisting your innate healing to work optimally.

Reiki and energy healing is similar to massage, yet whereas massage manipulates the body with physical pressure, Reiki “massages” the body with energy .

The word Reiki is created from two Japanese words, “Rei” meaning universal, spiritual knowledge and “Ki”  meaning life force, energy.  Essentially Reiki is the giving of universal life force energy, connecting the individual's energy system with the universal "Ki" (energy force).

The Chinese believe that it is this life force that energises and nourishes the body.  That this energy is vital to our wellbeing and that when imbalanced or blocked that it will impact on our health.

Disruption to our flow of life energy can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, poor breathing and posture, scar tissue as well as other physical or psychological stresses.

Whilst the practitioner is a channel for the energy source, they are not the source itself.  Using this universal energy we work on your subtle energy fields to address the causal issues rather than the symptoms.  The intensity of the energy received for healing is dependant on the individual requiring it.  

When we are stressed, tired, emotional, ill or in pain, our  energy  levels decrease and are put out of balance, which may transfer to our physical body.  Energy Healing / Reiki helps restore these energy levels as well as help us release those things we no longer need. It can also assist in manifesting our goals & purpose.

Energy Healing has been known to alleviate pain,  release stress and assist with general well-being.  The success of the treatment is dependant on the openness and acceptance of the individual.   

Reiki and/or Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical advice, and can be used in conjunction to assist the healing process.

Our healing sessions are conducted in a one on one session, with the individual fully clothed.  As our healer is also a psychic medium the sessions are individually tailored and may incorporate music, aromatherapy, Bush Flower Essences or other healing methodologies, such as chakra balancing.

Benefits of Reiki / Energy Healing

There is no one “type” of person who uses an energy healing practitioner.  Reiki and Energy healing  traditionally assists people by:

  • Reducing stress, tiredness and fatigue
  • Balances chakras / energy centres
  • Increases mental clarity
  • Clears and boosts the meridian energy flows
  • Increases motivation and vitality
  • Activates the bodies natural healing  abilities
  • Aids with restful sleep
  • Assists the body to cleanse toxins
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Removing blockages and facilities direction

You will receive at least 45 minutes of Reiki healing, although we ask you to schedule for an hour as it is likely we will run past the allocated time (which is included in the cost).  Our sessions also include guidance & messages we are given for you.

The success of the session is not only dependant on our ability yet also your willingness to be open and allow the energy to flow to you.  

Sessions are ideally held face to face at our Randwick, Sydney location, although we can provide for distant healing.

Lisa holds a Master / Teacher Reiki Certificate.